Breaking Barriers. Unlocking Success.

MEP Believes... 

If you educate one woman or girl you educate an entire family, generation and community.

In nurturing the entire woman or girl as a student and active member of society. 

Education is a crucial motivator to break the cycle of poverty.

But we know sometimes life gets in the way. That's where MEP comes in.
MEP breaks barriers getting in the way of our students success and helps unlock their potential. 

This Giving Tuesday YOU can help us break down these barriers 

According to the MI Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
the largest barrier for students is transportation to school and back home.

That's why all students who live within our service area receive free transportation
to get to MEP and back home safe everyday.


For those who live outside of the MEP bus route, no problem.
Once a woman is active in the program, MEP provides a monthly bus pass.

How YOU could break the transportation barrier for MEP women and girls: 

$70 = 1 month transit bus pass per woman 
$110 = 1 week of gas for our School Bus and van
$200 = 1 year of oil changes for our School Bus

MEP celebrates the multiple cultures and languages of our students,
but we know being an English language learner working toward academic excellence has it's difficulties. 

55% of our women and 70% of our girls live in a household where English is not the first language.

In 2018, 350,000 members of the MI workforce identified as foreign born and
held position primarily in STEM and healthcare related fields.

How YOU could break the language barrier and promote literacy for MEP women and girls: 

$11 = 1 year of literacy tutoring software for a girl 
$20 = SAT Prep books for a high school girl
$96 = 1 subscription of ESL software for a woman

$160 = 1 year of textbooks for a woman


No one can perform their best when they are hungry.
Studies prove a healthy meal or snack improves cognitive function and reduces absenteeism.

100% of our girls qualify for free or reduced lunches at school and attend MEP during dinner time. 
For many of our women, the snacks MEP provides are the only meal they  will have for the entire day. 

How YOU could break the barrier of hungry learners and provide brain fuel for MEP women and girls: 

$30 = 1 week of healthy snacks during "coffee break" for our women
$150 = 1 year of after-school meals before tutoring for a girl 

Thank you for breaking barriers 
this Giving Tuesday!

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